Shivaji Maharaj Rajmudra

Shivaji Maharaj Rajmudra is the official stamp of Shivaji Maharaj which was used by Shivaji Maharaj on his official letters, Orders etc.

This Shivaji Maharaj Rajmudra was give to him by his father Shahaji Bhosale.

Rajmudra was taken to be the Symbol of Shivaji Maharaj’s dream of a Rule over the praja, through, by and only for the people..Known as “Swarajya”

Rajmudra was the Royal coin during the reign of ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’.

Shivaji Maharaj Rajmudra

Looking at the photo of the Shivaji Maharaj Rajmudra, you might be wondering about what is the text written on it.


“प्रतिपच्चंद्रलेखेव वर्धिष्णुर्विश्ववंदिता शाहसुनोः शिवस्यैषा मुद्रा भद्राय राजते।”


प्रतिपदेचा चन्द्र जसा वाढत जातो, आणि सरे विश्व त्याला जसे वंदन करते, तशीच तशीच ही मुद्रा व् तिचा लौकिक वाढत जाईल…..!

English Meaning :

The glory of this Mudra of Shahaji’s son Shivaji (Maharaj ) will grow like the first day moon .It will be worshiped by the world & it will shine only for well being of people.

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