Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi in Raigad : Photos and Video

If Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is your role model, then i am sure you might be interested to know about his Samadhi.

Fort Raigad houses the sacred Samadhi of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Hindavi Swaraj.

Mahatma Jotirao Phule discovered Shivaji Maharaja’s Samadhi (place where his last rites took place) at Raigad in 1880 when he had walked all the way from Pune to Raigad and managed to locate Shivaji’s Samadhi which was lost amongst the dense growth of trees. He cleared the place and paid his respects to the great king.

Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi in Raigad :

Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi in Raigad

Shivaji Maharaj’s Samadhi in Raigad is located near the Jagdishwar Mandir. The place also houses the tomb of Shivaji Maharaj’s faithful dog Waghya who breathed his last With Shivaji.

It is said that when Waghya (dog) saw Shivaji maharaja’s body being cremated, he jumped into the burning chitaah of Shivaji Maharaj.

Tomb of Shivaji Maharaja's Dog Waghya

About Raigad Fort :

Chhatrapati Shivaji made Raigad fort his capital in 1674 when he was crowned King of a Maratha Kingdom.

Raigad Fort is a hill top fort (820 metres i.e; 2,700 ft above sea level) situated in the Mahad, Raigad district of Maharashtra, India.

Shivaji Maharaj had seized the fort in 1656, then the fortress of Rairi, from the Chandrarrao Mores descended from the ancient Maurya imperial dynasty. Then he renovated and expanded and renamed it Raigad and then 1674 he declared it to be the capital of the Maratha kingdom when he was crowned “the King”.

In 1818 the fort was bombarded and destroyed by, using cannons by the British East India Company.

The Ruins of the Fort are still available at the place that are –

  • Queen’s quarters or six chambers
  • 3 watch towers
  • Base pillars of the main palace
  • Ganga Sagar Lake
  • Takmak Tok – punishment point
  • Market Area
  • Hirakani Buruj – a wall
  • Jagdishwar Mandir
  • A statue of Shivaji Maharaj
  • Samadhi of Shivaji Maharaj and so on…

Shivaji Maharaj's Samadhi in Raigad photo

Video of Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi in Raigad :